My Life In Arcade Racing Games

My Life in Arcade Racing Games (Part 2)

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Sprint 2 – Atari – (1976) – Arcade Version


This game is the only black and white game on this list. I only ever saw this machine twice. It’s not the only ‘top-down’ game on the list though. Driving games didn’t always have to be 3D to be fun to play. I think the only reason I started to play this one is because it was positioned to the right hand side of the Atari “Battlezone” cabinet. That game, with it’s cool ‘periscope step’ and incredible military style 3D vector graphics was a sensation back in the early 1980’s. So I took to playing a bit of “Sprint 2” whilst waiting for a turn on “Battlezone.”


“Sprint” was pretty good, despite it being a top down game. You could play two players together at the same time. So that makes it the first multiplayer driving game I ever played. It also had a really loud loudspeaker on the cabinet, so driving around holding those big Atari steering wheels combined with a satisfying deep bass chip sound firing out at you. Yet again, it was a game that no-one was good at. Driving down the screen with the steering reversed confused pretty much everyone who played the game. You could also bang into your opponents and try to make them crash. More about that later on in this lis

The game is also memorable as the first game I played that game you a rating of your performance at the end – which in my case was always ‘Rookie.’

Asking around, none of my friends knew what that meant as it was an American term. I had to ask my Dad in the end after a few weeks of wondering about it.




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