My Life In Arcade Racing Games

My Life in Arcade Racing Games (Part 6)

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“Speed King” – Digital Integration – (1985) – Commodore 64


This was a little-known ‘sim’ motorbike racing game that a friend of mine lent me. It was published by the mostly simulation publisher Digital Integration.

I remember this game well for two main reasons. One was that it featured a *very* fast sensation of speed for the time. A couple of simple visual tricks made this game feel incredibly quick and smooth

It was also the first game I’d ever seen that offered a ‘preview’ of each course. The premise here was that you could try and memorise the layout of each one the more times you watched it. In this preview, nothing else was drawn onscreen other than the track. It was incredibly slick and quick to watch.

The second was that it featured a little yellow mark on the back tyre of your bike to help give the illusion of the tyre rotating with speed. I think having a smooth framerate and a sense of speed was quite rare in these early home micro racing titles.

I played it for a long time, and can still remember the “Swedish” track in my mind quite well to this day!








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