Dangerous Driving

Today we opened our doors to the players

By 8th December 2018 December 18th, 2018 No Comments

Today we invited members of our Dangerous Driving Club to come play an in-development version of Dangerous Driving and experience first hand all the gameplay IGN showed in their IGN First video on Thursday including Takedown Races, Boost Chain Races. Pursuit, Road Rage and Survival. These modes span all of the closed track game modes we have made in the past.

If you missed the game on IGN head HERE for over 4 minutes of exclusive footage.

Today’s visitors got to play all these modes and we also showed them how we make the game, answered lots of questions and even used their driving skills to contribute to the data we collect for the AI racers.

Paul our Art Director was on hand to show how the locations for the game have been planned to be part of the same ‘world’ – even though the courses are closed track we’ve built all of the seven locations to link together road-wise. That allows us to have some great “Point to Point” races which are great for straight up head to head “Face Off” races and also for Pursuit Events.

When we arrived this morning there were already people waiting in cars outside waiting for us to open. We were impressed that everyone got to grips with the game really quickly and we could see we had some really skilled driving game veterans in the room with us.

Thanks to everyone who came, especially our super fan Brandon who persuaded his Dad to drive with him all the way from Cumbria, and Steve and Mark who set off from Manchester at 0430am!

 It was such a privilege to show the game to such a receptive, intelligent and informed audience some of whom had come several hundred miles just to see it. A really great bunch of people who share our belief that Arcade Racing is a genre that is well overdue a comeback.

As Alex said “A real spread of age ranges, with several VIC-20 and C64 owners in the building. I saw an amazingly festive Christmas jumper with a Pac-Man theme which was cool. It reminded me that I might not just be crazy after all, and other people did get blown away playing sit-down “Pole Position” in a seaside arcade just like I did when I was younger.”

We’ll definitely be doing this again ahead of our launch on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC on February 22nd 2019.

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