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Dangerous Driving – The Vehicles

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With just a few days to go until Dangerous Driving launches it is the perfect time to share more details about the vehicles you’ll get to drive.

The 27 vehicles in Dangerous Driving are spread across six car classes: Sedan, SUV, Coupe, Supercar, Hypercar and Formula DD.

Each class has a Base vehicle and a Tuned, Advanced and Prototype variant. The Base vehicle is unlocked at the start of each new Class of Events. The other 3 variants are unlocked by winning a Gold Medal in the required event (in almost all cases a Face Off where the player goes head to head against the car they will win).

There are over 400 combinations of car and livery in the game. Here are just a few!

Cars that are tailor made for modes –   we wanted to make car choice  meaningful. We didn’t want there to be just 1 ‘best’ car (especially when we take the game online – coming soon in FREE DLC). You make a choice based on the mode and your playing style.

Base Vehicles

These are the vehicles that you start each class of Events with but they’re no slow coach, even the base Sedan can do 197 mph!.

However digitally pre order the game (before this coming Monday) and you’ll get a special VIP sedan to start the game with, with a top speed of 200 mph.

The VIP Sedan is ONLY available via the digital pre order. There is no (and will never be) another way to get this special car with it’s unique livery, rear styling package, exhaust system and gold (green on Xbox One) wheels!

Advanced Vehicles

Advanced Vehicles are stronger, hit harder and take less damage, making them the perfect car for Takedown Races or Road Rage, where they are more resilient against the attempts of Rivals to take you down!

Tuned Vehicles

Faster than the Base or Advanced models, the Tuned cars are perfect for ‘Heatwave events’ – they earn and use boost more quickly so you can chain quicker – but also each successful chain in a Tuned car adds 2 mph to your top speed – until you crash!

We have no idea what the limit is on this as we have always crashed after about 30-35 chains!! So we’re looking forward to seeing the YouTube videos of how far you guys push it!


Prototype Vehicles

The Prototype cars have been optimized for Racing – they’ve got more speed than any other but watch out they are also the most fragile!

They have less strength than the other vehicles so whilst you could take them into a Road Rage, you’d be spending more time fleeing your Rivals than taking them down!

And one more thing – These only come in carbon fibre!


Cop Cars

Players start out with the base Sedan Cop Car, perfectly adequate for your every day Pursuit. But as the game progresses and there are more Targets to chase down (up to 5 in later events) you’ll want to unlock the SUV and Supercar Cop Cars.


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