Dangerous Driving

‘Voluntary Excess’ Update

By 4th July 2019 No Comments

This patch is now live on all platforms and includes a lot of online improvements and fixes as well as a few other bug fixes.

Here is the full list:

  • Online – Host can choose any car / any track combination and set the number of laps
  • Online – ensure players are invulnerable when resetting after a crash (to avoid crashing again¬†immediately)
  • Online – add ahead/behind distances to the in-game HUD
  • Online – Further improvements to finding games to make it easier for players to get into game, add ‘browse games’ option on console, extend browse games to include games in progress
  • Handling – Improve landing from air to lessen the chances of your car ending up facing the wrong direction
  • Online – Lobby graphics given an overhaul
  • Online – all cars by default can carry more boost
  • Online Xbox: Add presence text for in lobby and in online game
  • Bug Fixes – primarily to Pursuit mode


We will be publishing details of the next Dangerous Driving  update very soon. Check back or sign up to our Dangerous Driving Club HERE.