We are an independent studio formed in 2014 & based in the UK

We have just released our 5th game, arcade racing game Dangerous Driving. We’re a small family business — and we feel genuine joy and excitement every time someone buys and enjoys our games. If you love what we do then feel free to gush about our games to all your friends. If you’ve found a problem – tell us so we can take a look.


We want to make affordable games that put a smile on people’s faces

After working at Criterion Games for many great years, we founded Three Fields Entertainment in 2014 with the goal to make affordable games that make you smile. We treat each of our games like a building block that adds features on what’s come before while laying the foundation for bigger and better things yet to come, utilizing the excellent Unreal Engine 4 to do so. Join our thousands of loyal fans and customers from across the world on our journey toward making gaming about fun again.


We have a loyal band of fans who make up our Dangerous Driving Club

We send regular updates to our Club with exclusive access to news, screenshots, giveaways and more. If you’d like to sign up head to our Dangerous Driving Club page.