We’re really excited that Danger Zone has been getting BIGGER and BETTER on every platform. The game is now double the size it was when we first launched.

UPDATE: All of the updates are now live for all platforms.

The aim of this roadmap was to give transparency to all on when content will arrive on each platform. If you’d like to hear about what we have planned next then consider signing up for our mailing list here:


Content Update 1 – Live now on all platforms (released September 2017).

This was a BIG update (see full patch notes below) that brought lots of new enhancements to PlayStation 4 and Steam.


4k on PS Pro
More explosive – bigger and more frequent explosions throughout!
5 new cars to drive
New graphical look


Full patch notes:
* 5 new player cars added (Coupe, F1, Supercar, Taxi, Cop Car)
* Revised progression to include these new player cars
* Existing levels have been given a graphical overhaul, including the introduction of some outdoor levels and different times of day
* Added PS4 Pro 4K Temporal Checkerboard rendering
* Added PS4 Pro 1080p 150% super sampling
* Overhauled explosion system – bigger and more frequent explosions; Checked traffic now explodes on impact; All traffic now explodes when falling and tumbling
* Overhauled traffic behaviours – Traffic checking is more reliable and more pronounced in its effect; Traffic now has more complex panic behaviours when entering a crash
* Overhauled effects system to improve graphical quality and performance – the player car can now generate sparks; traffic sparks are physically accurate; better looking SmashBreaker particles
* Damage system improvements: Doors, hood and trunk can now detach from the player and traffic cars in crashes; Improved physical reaction for tyres when they detach; Improved paint damage from initial impact; Taxi lights turn off when they crash.
* Graphics engine enhancements: Better quality anti-aliasing for a cleaner final image; Improved graphical quality of the flyby, aftermath and crash action cameras; Fixed the anti-aliasing artefact around the car when the lights spin on the start line
* CPU performance improvements leading to more stable performance in levels with a high volume of cars
* GPU performance improvements leading to more stable performance overall
* HUD & Front End improvements: Made the end of game medal screen clearer; Added a medal total at the end of each Test Phase, updated Front End imagery to reflect new graphical look throughout the game; Leaderboard header description changed to aid clarity of what leaderboard is being displayed
* Audio: Remixed the Audio; Improved detection of impacts which has fixed missing sounds and sparks; Added extra police car siren, New engine sounds
* Bug Fix: Fix for Friends Leaderboards occasionally showing incorrect information
* Bug Fix: Fixed occasional bug in audio where it would play a really light impact sound instead of big crash
* Bug Fix: Fixed occasional hang waiting for the car to finish derezzing
* Bug Fix: The loading screen no longer stalls

All of these updates (as appropriate) also rolled into the Xbox One launch game.

Live now – Xbox One version (launched 10th October 2017)

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12 brand new levels bringing the total number of levels to 32
6 player cars
The biggest car crashes seen on Xbox One
Highly explosive!

See the trailer here:


and some new screen shots here:



Content Update 2 – Live Now all platforms (released October 31st 2017)

Bonus tier containing 6 brand new levels released on all platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

This update also included the Xbox One X version – in native 4k with the option for 1080p 60fps (we should put fireworks around that statement as its very exciting not a byline – our first true 4k game!).


Live Now – PlayStation 4 and Steam (released December 18th)

12 additional levels (previously released on Xbox One) released on PlayStation 4 and PC.
Fixes for stability, audio and physics.

December 19th

Xbox One Update – Fixes for stability, audio and physics.