Check minimum specs

Ensure that your PC meets the minimum spec:

You can check your PC hardware by going to control panel then selecting system. This will show you the memory available & processor. If you then click “Device Manager” on the left you will see “Display Adapter” which if you expand will show you which graphics card you have installed.

Note that the game has been tested on NVIDIA & AMD cards. Laptops often have custom drivers, as well as custom chip sets, and so the game may not work correctly depending on how compatible the chip sets are.

Check that you have the latest graphics drivers installed

For AMD users go to Raptr and check that drivers are up to date.
For NVIDIA users check that you have the latest drivers using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

The game was tested on NVIDIA driver version 368.22 & Amd driver version

Check that Unreal Engine runs correctly on your PC

The following website has UE4 demos which you can download and run on your PC:

Particularly test the “RealisticRendering” demo to ensure that it starts up & renders correctly. If it fails then it will write a log file out in RealisticRendering\RealisticRendering\Saved\Logs which will tell you why UE4 failed to start up.

How can I get my PC version running more smoothly?

First shut down any other software before running Dangerous Golf.

Users with NVIDIA cards should be able to optimise the game settings automatically by opening the “GeForce Experience” application and clicking on the games tab.

AMD users can manually adjust settings based on the following guide.

The biggest impact on performance will be Resolution and, for NVIDIA users, FleX quality. For an older PC we would recommend the following settings:

Resolution: 1920×1080
Fullscreen: Fullscreen
Cap Framerate: 30Hz
Vertical Sync: On
Anti Aliasing: Medium
Texture Quality: Medium
Shadow Quality: Medium
Flex: Off

Frame rate capping is useful to stop the frame rate bouncing between various levels and so can lead to a smoother experience. If 30hz is selected then it will also adjust physics fidelity to ensure a better experience at the lower frame rate. If you have a fast PC then you should set the cap to either off or 60Hz. If you have an older PC then you should select 30Hz.

If this still hasn’t resolved your problem

Please email ensuring that you include:

  • Log from the realistic rendering demo (see Check that Unreal Engine runs correctly on your PC)
  • Log of dxdiag command (click start / run then type in dxdiag. Click “Save All Information” and include the log)