What is the price of Danger Zone 2?

The price is $19.99, €17.99 £14.99-£15.49 (we don’t control the £ price)

What is the age rating for Danger Zone 2?

ESRB 10+ and PEGI 7

Where can I find out more?

Right here on this website – check out the Danger Zone 2 section and also the Blog. Where to buy links to all the places the game is available.

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Known Issues

Here are the issues we know about. If you encounter a problem that is not listed here please send us an email.

Xbox One:

Game Crash. Some users have reported that the game crashes on loading. In cases where it has been reported a faulty download was found to be responsible. A redownload of the entire game should resolve the issue.

Xbox One Vibration. We are aware that the vibration on Xbox One is too severe and are currently prepping a patch which will then need to be certified by Microsoft (eta end of July). In the meantime it is possible to turn off vibration on the console. Follow this link for details on how to do that.

All Platforms:

Front End Legibility. We are prepping a patch that improves the legibility of the Front End.

Power Steering. ​We are aware that this level is quite hard! We are prepping a patch that improves the playability of the ​level​ (added more time and moved some traffic cars).

Achievement/Trophy not unlocking. We have had a few emails asking us about the “On Final Approach” Achievement and whether it is unlocking correctly – please note that this Achievement covers all Run Ups including the Training levels 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you do all of these the Achievement will unlock.