We are a small team of just 7 people but we are looking to expand when we find the right people.

To date we have released four games. That’s partly because we use the excellent Unreal Engine 4 and partly because of how we work (we also all have young families so we don’t crunch – not any more). We focus our developments – we have a strong vision from the start of what we want to create (defining what we are NOT going to do as much as what we are) and we get something up and running in a matter of days and build from there. We want to make affordable games that put a smile on people’s faces but each game we build is a step towards an exciting future.


Whatever you’re doing now we guarantee you’ll be surprised by how we are working at Three Fields Entertainment and that it will be a refreshing change. What do they say?  A change is as good as a rest.

We are based in Petersfield, on the mainline from Waterloo to Portsmouth.

If you’d like to find out more mail us your CV.