Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving – Trophies and Achievements List Unveiled!

By 5th April 2019 December 6th, 2019 No Comments

With just a few days to go until Dangerous Driving launches we wanted to share the list of Trophies and Achievements.

We’ve all played our fair share of games where the Trophies and Achievements were just far too hard to obtain. We’ve deliberately not done that so that the Trophies and Achievements can be yours!


Seeing RedWin a Road Rage10Bronze
UnscathedGold Medal a Road Rage without crashing20Bronze
Welcome to Chase HeadquartersWin a Pursuit10Bronze
The InterceptorGet a Gold Medal in Pursuit30Silver
Chariot Of FireWin a Takedown Race10Bronze
Another Cinderella Story…Win a Takedown Race after being in last place on the last lap30Bronze
Top Of The LeaderboardWin a GP10Bronze
DominatorWin every round of a GP20Bronze
ShowdownWin a Face Off10Bronze
Battering RamTake down your opponent 5 times in a single Face Off30Silver
I Will SurviveGold Medal a Survival10Bronze
Going The DistanceDrive 5 miles in Survival30Bronze
Heart Of FireGet a Shakedown Gold Medal10Bronze
Perfect PaintworkWin a Shakedown without crashing30Silver
One down…Complete all Sedan Class events20Bronze
Three To Go…Complete all SUV Class events20Bronze
Halfway There…Complete all Coupe Class events30Silver
UnstoppableComplete all Supercar Class events40Silver
Eye Of The TigerComplete all Hypercar Class events50Gold
No Wild Goose ChaseGold medal all Pursuits30Silver
Victory RoadGold medal all Takedown Races40Silver
Thunder RoadGold medal all Road Rages30Silver
Burning Down The HouseGold medal all Shakedowns30Silver
Road WarriorGold medal all Face Offs40Silver
Outwit. Outdrive. OutlastGold medal all Survivals30Silver
Battle of SedanUnlock Prototype Sedan20Bronze
4x4xFarUnlock Prototype SUV20Bronze
Little DeuceUnlock Prototype Coupe20Bronze
ConcoursUnlock Prototype Supercar20Bronze
Rocky Mountain RoadUnlock Prototype Hypercar20Bronze
Grands PrixUnlock Prototype Formula DD30Silver
Delivery MileageDrive 100 miles in any car20Bronze
Mille MigliaDrive 1000 miles in any car40Silver
Tyre KickerDrive 50 miles in every car20Bronze
Delivery MilesDrive 100 miles in every car50Gold
HeatwaveGet a 3x Heatwave10Bronze
Mercury RisingGet a 10x Heatwave30Silver
Double The FunGet a Double Takedown20Bronze
Hot SauceGet a Takedown Hot Streak30Silver
Survival of the FittestEmpty a full Boost Bar in one go in Survival30Silver

Firstly, the PlayStation4 game does have a Platinum Trophy for all you serious Trophy hunters out there.

Secondly, look out for a new blog post shortly which will cover all the vehicles in Dangerous Driving.

Thirdly, don’t forget sign up to our Dangerous Driving Club for a chance to win a FREE digital download copy of the game!