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Dangerous Driving First Update – No Claims Bonus

By 30th April 2019 December 11th, 2019 No Comments


No Claims Bonus is the first Update for Dangerous Driving. It’s now available for download on PS4 Xbox One and PC.


We’ve been listening to your feedback and the No Claims Bonus Dangerous Driving update contains the fixes listed below:

  • Prevent unfeasibly short leaderboard entries
  • Fixes an issue that would cause a Crash on Xbox when signing out of the game (according to the stats from Microsoft this accounts for 18% of all Crashes on Xbox)
  • Fixes an issue that would cause a Crash during gameplay on all platforms when hitting quit during Danger Time
  • Prevents AI shooting past the player at super sonic speed
  • Prevents AI speed not being capped when you’re in Takedown Camera (hence why they speed past you)
  • Ensures Aftertouch Takedowns give you the advantage they should (not reset at back)
  • Ensures laps always register on Hypercar Shakedown event on Desert Marathon
  • Stops AI always crashing at start of Island Lighthouse track
  • Minimises player getting reset behind persistent wrecks after a Crash
  • Ensures it is possible to get Platinum medal on Formula DD Survival Event

No Claims Bonus is just the start. We will be publishing a roadmap this week of other Dangerous Driving Updates and fixes with the priority on Collision fixes and adding Online Racing. Check out the Known Issues list on our FAQ for more info.

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