Three Fields Entertainment is a small team of veteran game developers who have been making games since 1999.

From 1999 – 2013 we turned around a failing game subsidiary of a leading games technology company (Canon) and created a successful 65 person development Studio (Criterion Games). In 2005 that company was acquired by the biggest Games Publisher in the world (Electronic Arts) and we went on to develop multiple global smash hit titles.

In 2013 we took a big risk and gave it all up and left to do it ALL on our own. What we lack in size we make up for in focus, clarity, cohesion, trust and the vision to pioneer new ways of making games.


Who Three Fields are is best defined by what games we make. We make arcade style games, and specifically arcade racing games because we love them – check out the Alexblogs Blog series by our Creative Director based on the Arcade Racing Games he grew up playing.

Our games are fast, colourful and vibrant because those are the kind of games we like to play. We’re happy to leave narrative and storytelling to others. We’re here for fun, gameplay and entertainment.

Our first game was Dangerous Golf in 2016. It’s a destructive Golf game played indoors where you score for what you destroy before sinking the ball with outrageous trick shots

Our second game was Lethal VR for the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets. It’s a VR target shooting experience with both guns and knives.

By then we were itching to get back to crashing cars which led to Danger Zone. It’s a game about smashing cars and scoring points set in a virtual crash testing facility.

The sequel, Danger Zone 2 took the crashing action outdoors. The game is set on the most dangerous real life junctions and intersections we could find in the USA, the UK and Spain.

In 2019 we returned to making arcade racing games with Dangerous Driving. The game features over 60 Single Player events, Online Racing and Road Rage, a wide range of different race modes and some unique new racing and crashing moments.

We are currently making our most exciting game yet. Check out our blog post for what’s coming and don’t forget to sign up to our Dangerous Driving Club if you’re interested in hearing more.


Just as we make what we love, we also work in the way we always wanted to.

We use Unreal Engine because it delivers an unrivaled set of tools and technology. It removes a lot of the headache and distraction – allowing us to focus on the game. This is one way we are able to stay small.

We have developed our own proprietary technology to sit on top of Unreal Engine. This technology utilizes techniques such as Big Data, Genetic Algorithms, Machine Learning and Procedural Generation to accelerate the development process. This technology enabled us to launch Dangerous Driving on 3 platforms simultaneously with 270 miles of road, 31 courses, 15+ hour single player progression, 9 game modes, 2 online modes, Online elo ranking, HDR10 support on console, 60 fps 1080p with dynamic resolution scaling on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, 1440p 30fps on Xbox One X, Native Spotify integration and 7 major content updates post launch. 

All of this was achieved in just 12 months development with a team of 7. We believe that many of the best game teams of the future will be small and nimble, harnessing technology to enable them to compete with teams of 00s.


Three Fields’s identity is about more than just the games we make. We are parents of young children and we care about the world they’re growing up in. We make games without blood and gore and we aim to do it in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way whether that’s by driving electric cars, using local suppliers, minimizing (and off-setting) air travel or by ensuring our presence at shows is not damaging the environment with throw away banners and cards. 

We are all creative people and we also have young families and commitments outside of work so we no longer talk about work – life balance. It’s just life and we want to ensure we live and love every minute of it whether we are at work or home. We don’t track holidays and anyone can take time off whenever they need.

This sense of creativity, fun and well being is we hope reflected in the games we make.

If you’re interested in finding out more about who Three Fields are you can check out our Blog. We are currently hard at work on our next game and whilst we don’t have any news to share just yet, you can sign up to our Dangerous Driving Club. And if you’d like to get in touch send us an email!