Because Infinite Power Is Infinitely Fun

What if a single key could open up an entire 400 square kilometer driving game universe?

You’ve probably thought about it. The seemingly infinite number of what-ifs inside your head after pouring countless hours into racing, open world and building games.

Wreckreation is exactly that. Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, the UK-based team comprised of veteran arcade racing game developers, Wreckreation finally hands you the keys to your own MixWorld. This will be a MixWorld that you can decorating and personalize,
either alone or in collaboration with your friends online. A place of your own where you can continually strive to outrace, out-stunt or even out-crash yourself and others with courses, tracks and game modes designed by you – or your friends – but yours will probably be better.


Mix Your World

Personalise your MixWorld that you design from free camera view. Place jumps, loops, stunt ramps, half and full pipes, meet up points, and moving obstacles almost anywhere in your MixWorld. Build roads on and off-road, across lakes, out to sea or up in the sky. Once you’ve explored your World, you get to rename everything. Soon the whole world really will know your name!

Mix Your Car

Paint colors, finishes, wheels, boost flames, engine sounds, glass colors, tires, brake lights, manual or stick – you name it, you can customize it. Vehicle options will be right there for the taking from the beginning. After all, this is your MixWorld. Now it’s your way AND the highway right?


In your MixWorld you are the GameDJ. You now have the power to create and control the gameplay. This can be a simple as creating a quick, individual race to the next intersection or a team stunt event where catching the most air and landing the first barrel roll can help your team take the win.  Grant others temporary powers as ‘Guest DJ’ as well. Try new things, experiment and create your own game modes. Share with your friends or the community.

Mix Your Music

What’s the second thing you do after starting your car? Figure out what you’re going to listen to. Wreckreation offers its own, old-school FM Radio dial featuring 16 stations ranging from Disco to Gospel or from Movie Music to Smooth Jazz. Talk Radio provides meaningful updates about what’s happening in your MixWorld. You can also stream your favorite playlist from your Premium Spotify account.

Be a Wreckord Breaker

Set records seven different ways on every road you drive  – every time you drive: Drift, Air, Near Miss, Oncoming, Stunt, Crash and the more traditional Fastest Time. In Wreckcreation, all wreckorded, no matter what you’re doing. Define how your Friends can challenge you by ‘locking’ different Wreckord Types to different roads.

Mix It All

Choose time of Day, Weather and Traffic! What happens in your MixWorld is up to you. At the click of a button, change the time, change the weather, and turn the traffic on or off. Settle in and make yourself comfortable.

Vacant Lots

Empty areas you’ll discover throughout your MixWorld. We built this city on Wreck and Roll! An opportunity to build structures that can inform MixModes and experiences beyond the structure’s footprint. Example: Add a police station and see more of a police presence.